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Liberatii™: Gateway to Database Freedom

Liberatii is an exciting new “on the fly query translation tool” which deliver rapid migration to lower cost cloud or on-premise databases. Liberatii is delivered through an unincorporated Joint Venture between MicrolinkPC Ltd and Querix (UK) Ltd.

MicrolinkPC was co-founded by Dr. Nasser Siabi and his business partner Vahid Ganjavian in 1992. Nasser has a background in computer science, technology, and advanced studies to Ph.D. level and Vahid is an experienced entrepreneur.

MicrolinkPC is a leader in the field of Assistive Technology. Most noteworthy, they have enabled over a quarter of a million people with health conditions to succeed in education and employment.

Dr. Nasser Siabi (awarded an OBE in 2011), his company and staff have always driven innovation through consistent research. As a result, Nasser recognized Liberatii’s far-reaching potential once he found out about it through a chance meeting with the Querix CEO (Mehdi Afshar).

Consequently, Microlink has worked closely with Querix to bring Liberatii to the market. In the joint venture, Microlink will provide:

  • Marketing
  • Sales Support
  • Partner Relations
  • Commercial / Contract Management
  • Corporate / Back Office Services

Querix is a family-based software company with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ukraine. They specialize in various areas of 4GL, ESQL/C, database management systems, data migration and application transformation for over twenty-five years. The current range of products includes Lycia 3, a modern 4GL compiler, and the one-of-a-kind 4GL App Analyser.

Mehdi Afshar (MSc in engineering and operational research) founded Querix in 1994. He sold his previous company Digital Systems Development, to concentrate on providing software developers with simple and productive tools to work with their databases. As a result, today, Querix employs over 100 highly skilled professionals who each share that original vision.

This year (2018) Querix is releasing the groundbreaking Liberatii™ in partnership with Microlink. Since the start of the development in 2011, Liberatii has received several awards including the prestigious Innovate UK Award in 2012.  Above all, many database analysts have viewed and tagged Liberatii™ as a “Disruptive Technology”.

In the Joint Venture, Querix will provide:

  • Technical Architecture / Design
  • Technical Support
  • Translation Automation / Customisation

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