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Liberatiiā„¢ Gateway connects database apps to cloud/on-premise databases without touching the source code.

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What is Liberatiiā„¢ Gateway?

Liberatiiā„¢ Gateway is a real-time database application migration tool. In other words, Liberatii Gateway performs real-time SQL query translation and data conversion between a database application and a different target SQL database.

The first release of Liberatii Gateway supports migrations of Oracle applications to Microsoft databases. To clarify, Liberatii Gateway sits between an Oracle application and a Microsoft SQL database (Cloud, On-Premise), and in real-time with no measurable latency converts all the Oracle PL-SQL statements/resultset to Microsoft T-SQL ones.

After deploying Liberatii Gateway, there is no need to keep the Oracle database and you can completely move to Microsoft Azure ecosystem and take advantage of its services.

No Need for Source Code

You don't need to touch or compile your application source code. Liberatiiā„¢ works perfectly with legacy binary applications.

Preserve Business Logic

While changing and modernizing your database, you can keep your legacy application to avoid business disruption and staff retraining.

Support for Missing Database Syntax

Missing or unsupported syntaxes or types of the source database are emulated on the target database.

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database cost
Reduce Database License Costs

You can save up to 50% on your database license costs by switching to a modern and cost-efficient cloud or on-premise database with Liberatiiā„¢.

revive legacy applications

Revive Legacy Applications

If you can't afford the risk to modernize your sensitive legacy applications, Liberatiiā„¢ is the solution to revive apps with modern databases.

save time

Realize Cloud Benefits Sooner

Typical enterprise database application migration takes six months to several years. Liberatiiā„¢ reduces this migration time to few weeks.

How Migration Works

We analyze database log files and schema and test it against our translation engine. Liberatii Gateway SQL translation engine typically converts 80% of Oracle PL/SQL syntaxes automatically. This leaves us to enhance the translator with the remaining 20% of the grammars.

After the assessment, we custom build the translator for your application. Then, we will migrate database schema, data, and dependencies to Microsoft SQL database (Cloud or on-premise).

Finally, you only need to change your application connection settings to point to Liberatiiā„¢ Gateway as its virtual database. This translation layer will continue to work in between your application and the SQL database with easy updates when you change your application functions or upgrade your database.

  • 1. Assess Migration

    In the migration assessment step, we review database schema and specific database log files in order to custom build our translator for your application. After that, we test log files and database schema against our SQL translation engine. However, We don't need your actual data and never ask you to give us access to. This step of migration takes about two weeks.

    At the end of this step, we will identify the missing parts in our translator and will estimate the amount of work required to enhance it (typically two to eight weeks). We would also give you a cost estimate of the custom build of our translator and all your recurring cost including database migration and service costs.

  • 2. Build, Configure and Launch

    Liberatii Gateway has an embedded SQL translation engine which typically converts 80% of Oracle syntaxes automatically. This leaves us to enhance the SQL translator with the remaining 20% of the grammars. The remaining work depends on your schema complexity, database size and the number of special database objects such as system/user-defined procedures, functions and packages.

    In this step, we would continuously run the database log files against our translator, enhance the translator and repeat the process until all tests are passed. Next, we would install Liberatiiā„¢ on a Windows instance of your choice (On-premise or Cloud) depending on your preferred software architecture.

    Most importantly, we will continue improving and enhancing Liberatii Gateway even after this step. In addition, we will notify you when a new build is available.


  • 3.  Migrate Data

    Once we custom-build the translator for your application, we will then migrate your database schema, data, and dependencies to the target (cloud or on-premise) database.

    Data migration is an integral part of the database application migration process which needs bullet-proof strategic planning and execution. We will use credible third-party data migration tools and will work closely with your Database Administrators (DBAs) to make sure data migration is smooth and doesn't risk business continuity. This step usually takes one to two weeks.

  • 4. Test and Deploy

    To test your application withLiberatii and the new target database, you can use a database replication software and run your application with both databases (source and target). You can then compare the performance and also keep both databases in sync.

    Once you are happy with your migration, you can seamlessly deploy the application with Liberatiiā„¢ and the target database without causing downtime or business discontinuity. To do so, you only need to change your application connection settings to point to Liberatii as its virtual database. This translation layer will continue to work in between your application and the SQL database with easy updates when you change your application functions or upgrade your database.


With one click, launch an instance of Liberatiiā„¢ Gateway in cloud or on premise


Configure Liberatiiā„¢ Gateway instance to act as your virtual database


Change application connection to point to Liberatiiā„¢ as database


Real-Time Data Conversion

Real-Time Data Conversion

No Need for Source Code

Risk-Free Migration

Latency-free Communication


Minimal Overhead

Support for Missing Syntaxes

Preserve Business Logic

Target Database Platforms

At the moment, we support Microsoft Cloud (Azure) and On-premise (SQL Server 2016/17) databases. Support for non-Microsoft databases will arrive soon.

 Azure SQL

SQL Server 2016/17

Supported Source Databases

We support legacy application written for Oracle 10g and 11g databases and some earlier versions. However, we will add more database supports in near future.

Technical Features

Only SQL Log Files & Schema

We never ask for access to your data. All we need is some database log files and database schema.

Runtime Dynamic SQL

Not only static SQLs are translated,  but also dynamic SQLs created at runtime are supported with Liberatii. 

Logics with Side Effects

Liberatii is smart enough to translate logic based on sides effects such as functions with side effects.

Continuous Translator Enhancement

We continuously enhance our translator for automated translations. We have also provided measures to add manual translation rules for temporary fixes.

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