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Break the SQL code rewrite barrier

Run existing database applications on new databases  with no code rewrite using Liberatii™'s database virtualization technology.

Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Why Liberatii?

Database migrations used to involve lots of code rewrites. Things are different now.

Contrary to popular perception, most of the efforts required to migrate databases to a new cloud or on-premises database are due to application code rewriting (not the actual data migration).

Typical rewriting projects would take years and cost enterprises millions with no guarantee to success. Liberatii™ Gateway eliminates the need to rewrite application code or change SQLs by acting as an abstraction and virtualization layer between the application and the new database.

Therefore, with no coding or SQL change required, database applications can connect to new databases instantly via Liberatii Gateway.

What is Liberatii?

Introducing Liberatii Gateway

Liberatii Gateway is a software-as-service (SaaS) virtual database. It sits between the enterprise application (3rd party Oracle apps, etc) and the cloud database (Azure SQL, etc).

Once deployed, it starts translating queries, data and messages between the application and the cloud database on-the-fly. Liberatii gateway will continue adapting the enterprise application to the cloud database seamlessly with no measurable latency.

Currently, the solution is available as “Liberatii Gateway for Oracle Apps” on Azure Marketplace and is recognised as a Microsoft preferred solution.


Re-platform database apps to new cloud or on-premises databases with no SQL change.

10X Faster

Typical enterprise application migration takes six months to years. Liberatii reduces this migration time to few weeks.

Up to 90% Saving

You can save up to 90% on your database license costs by switching to a modern and cost-efficient cloud database with Liberatii.

Zero Surprises

If you can't afford the risk to modernize your critical legacy apps, Liberatii is the solution to revive apps with modern databases.

Infinite Degrees of Freedom

Liberatii unlocks your application from your database vendor and gives you the freedom to move to new cloud databases.

technical features

Don't rewrite SQLs,
Translate on-the-fly.

Real-Time SQL Translation

Typical enterprise application migration takes six months to years. Liberatii reduces this migration time to few weeks.

Real-Time Data Conversion

Resultset and messages from Azure SQL database are converted in real-time to an Oracle-compatible format.

No Need for Source Code

You don't need to touch or compile application source code. Liberatii works perfectly with legacy binary apps.

Support for All Syntaxes

Missing or unsupported syntaxes or data types of the source database (packages, functions with side effects, dynamic SQL, etc.) are emulated on the target database.

Minimal Overhead

End users wouldn't require much training as enterprises can preserve business logic by modernising back-end database. The maintenance of Liberatii is also very simple.

Minimum Latency

The effect of latency due to Liberatii is minimal and general app performance depends on the target database performance and the application queries.


Re-platform your enterprise application to cloud in few weeks rather than years.

Liberatii Gateway reduces the time and the cost of application migration and eliminates the risk of cloud migration for enterprise applications. Here's how we do the migration in three steps.



We analyse your database schema and application log files, and test Liberatii Gateway with existing queries. We then estimate the migration process and give you a timeline for migration.



Once we custom build Liberatii Gateway for your application, we will then migrate your database schema, data and dependencies to your target cloud database



Now you only need to start Liberatii SaaS and configure your application to point to Liberatii as virtual SaaS database. You're now ready to go!

FRequently asked questions

Get your questions answered with our FAQ section

What is Liberatii?
Liberatii is a sophisticated and well-engineered a software-as-a-service virtual database that adapts enterprise applications to different cloud databases.
How does Liberatii work?
We analyze your log files and schemas and test it against our translation engine which typically converts more than 80% of your syntaxes automatically leaving us to enhance the translator with the remaining grammars. Once we custom build the translator for your application, we will then migrate your database schema, data and dependencies to Microsoft Azure SQL database.
Which databases do you support?
Liberatii supports migrations from Oracle 10g and 11g to Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (on-premise) or Azure SQL (Cloud) at the moment.
Why is it virtually risk-free?
Most of the risk associated with migrating your database (to new cloud/on-premise databases) or just upgrading your application is the complexity, lack of historical application insights or documentation through staff turnover. These changes can typically take years with constant scope revisions. With Liberatii we don’t need access to your application source code, it is a fully reversible change with parallel running of the source and the target database if required and takes only weeks not years.
Do you need application source code?
Liberatii does not need application source code or any recompilation; therefore it is suitable for legacy applications where either the source code or documentation is unavailable. As a result, legacy applications can work with modern databases without rewriting or refractoring the application code.
Does it matter in what language my application has been written?
As mentioned earlier, Liberatii does not need the application source and therefore, as long as the application satisfies certain criteria (such as database driver version, database version, etc), the application type and language of the application source code does not matter.