Free your Oracle apps
from database vendor lock-in

Liberatii connects Oracle apps to new cloud databases without touching the code using real-time SQL translation.


Rapidly replatform Oracle apps to cloud with no SQL change.

Liberatii Gateway is a real-time SaaS SQL translation engine which allows your Oracle applications to run on Microsoft Azure SQL database without rewriting the app.

In other words, Liberatii Gateway is a middleware that sits between an Oracle app and a Microsoft SQL database (Azure SQL, SQL server), and in real-time with no measurable latency converts all the Oracle PL-SQL statements/resultset to Microsoft T-SQL ones.


Save Money

You can save up to 50% on your database license costs by switching to a modern and cost-efficient cloud database with Liberatii.

Save Time

Typical enterprise application migration takes six months to years. Liberatii reduces this migration time to few weeks.

Modernize Apps

If you can't afford the risk to modernize your critical legacy apps, Liberatii is the solution to revive apps with modern databases.

Uniform Data Silos

With saving that comes with Liberatii, you can unify your data silos and spend more on the actual growth of the business instead of spending to maintain existing data silos.

Enhance App Mobility

Enterprises can future-proof their application with Liberatii Gateway and connect those apps to different SaaS databases and cloud vendors.

Reduce Risks

80% of migration projects fail or run over budget/time. However, application migrations with Liberatii are fast, predictable and carry no significant risk or uncertainty.

To learn about the product benefits and features, please book a demo.


Run Oracle apps on Azure SQL in 3 steps.

1. Configure

Configure Liberatii Gateway instance to act as your virtual database. To do so, you need to specify the IP address, port, username, password and other parameters such as region, firewall, etc for Liberatii Gateway and the Azure SQL database.

2. Deploy

With one command and using the configuration files and Azure CLI, deploy an instance of Liberatii Gateway and Azure SQL database in the Azure cloud. After few minutes when the deployment process is finished, deployment output parameters are generated and the Liberatii Gateway is ready to translate queries and data between the Oracle app and Azure SQL database.

3. Switch

Using the deployment output parameters, change your Oracle application connection settings to point to Liberatii Gateway as its virtual database. This translation layer will continue to work in between your Oracle application and the Azure SQL database seamlessly. You can switch off the Oracle database now.

To learn about the product benefits and features, please book a demo.

technical features

Don't rewrite SQLs,
Translate on-the-fly.

Whether you have legacy Oracle applications with outdated databases or application development environments with costly sophisticated databases, Liberatii can help you re-platform your Oracle apps to modern and cost-efficient cloud databases such as Azure SQL very rapidly and without re-writing code or changing SQLs.

Real-Time SQL Translation

Application PL/SQL statements are translated to T-SQL statements in real-time and sent to Azure SQL database.

Incompatible Syntax Support

Missing or unsupported syntaxes or data types of the source database (packages, functions with side effects, dynamic SQL, etc.) are emulated on the target database.

Real-Time Data Conversion

Resultset and messages from Azure SQL database are converted in real-time to an Oracle-compatible format.

Minimal Overhead

End users wouldn't require much training as enterprises can preserve business logic by modernizing back-end database. The maintenance of Liberatii is also very simple.

No Need for Source Code

You don't need to touch or compile application source code. Liberatii works perfectly with legacy binary apps.


The effect of latency due to Liberatii is minimal and general app performance depends on the target database performance and the application queries.

To learn about the product benefits and features, please book a demo.