Free Your Applications From Database Lock-In

Liberatii is a real-time SQL translation technology to connect database apps to different cloud/on-premise databases without touching the source code.


Move to Modern Cloud or On-premise Databases in Weeks, Not Years!

80 percent of conventional database migration projects fail or run over budget/time. However, database application migrations with Liberatii are fast, predictable and carry no significant risk or uncertainty.


Reduce Your Database TCO

Due to database lock-in and database switching cost, migration to a lower-cost database used to be a huge costly and risky project. Therefore, enterprises were often reluctant to change their expensive running databases in favor of a cheaper one. To this effect, Liberatii was engineered to disrupt database vendor monopoly, and to eliminate database switching cost which finally benefits companies maintain databases with lower TCO.


Achieve Growth by Unifying Your Databases

According to a Gartner report, the number one priority for CIOs in 2018 is business growth. With saving that comes with Liberatii, you can spend more on the actual growth of the business instead of spending to maintain existing infrastructure.


Don't Let Database Lock-In Stop Your Digital Transformation

Whether you have legacy applications with outdated databases or application development environments with costly sophisticated databases, Liberatii can help you to change your databases to the modern and cost-efficient cloud or on-premise databases without touching the applications.



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