Get to know everything about Liberatii
What is Liberatii Gateway?
Liberatii Gateway is a sophisticated and well-engineered a software-as-a-service virtual database that adapts enterprise applications to different cloud databases.
How does Liberatii Gateway work?
We analyze your log files and schemas and test it against our translation engine which typically converts more than 80% of your syntaxes automatically leaving us to enhance the translator with the remaining grammars. Once we custom build the translator for your application, we will then migrate your database schema, data and dependencies to Microsoft Azure SQL database.
Which databases do you support?
Liberatii supports migrations from Oracle 10g and 11g to Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (on-premise) and Azure SQL (Cloud) at the moment.
How do I migrate my schema and database to the new database?
Liberatii offers a GUI and CLI to migrate data/schema from the source database to the target cloud database. It is important to mention that the data and schema migration has to be performed by us according to our translation and conversion rules.
How long the migration take?
From handing us your log files and schemas (no access to your application is required), we will produce a firm fixed guaranteed price and delivery timeline within two weeks. After acceptance, we will complete the manual translation in our ISO 27001 compliant development labs typically within three months. In other words, you can build a solution with Liberatii to move from your legacy database to a new target cloud database in less time than the planning stage of a database migration using code rewriting.
How does Liberatii Gateway affect my application's performance?
The performance degradation due to Liberatii is minimal and it does not affect most applications to the extent that apps would not notice the back-end database has changed.
What happens if I modify the original application?
There is no problem developing existing applications. If the new query is not supported by the Liberatii Gateway, we will guide you to manually add the query and its translation to a local translation table. Meanwhile we will update the Liberatii Gateway with the new syntax and its translation.
What happens if there's a problem with Liberatii Gateway?
Liberatii is designed to be robust and resilient as it is enabled with graceful recovery. We have taken measures to handle errors and warning messages gracefully. However, if there's a persisting problem, please send us an email to or call us at +44 (0) 2380 385 182. Alternatively you can use the contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
How is the risk compared to conventional rewriting approaches?
Most of the risk associated with migrating your database (to new cloud/on-premise databases) or just upgrading your application is the complexity, lack of historical application insights or documentation through staff turnover. These changes can typically take years with constant scope revisions. With Liberatii we don’t need access to your application source code, it is a fully reversible change with parallel running of the source and the target database if required and takes only weeks not years.
Do you need application source code?
Liberatii does not need application source code or any recompilation; therefore it is suitable for legacy applications where either the source code or documentation is unavailable. As a result, legacy applications can work with modern databases without rewriting or refractoring the application code.
What coding languages do you support for application?
Liberatii Gateway does not need the application source and therefore, as long as the application satisfies certain criteria (such as database driver version, database version, etc), the application type and language of the application source code does not matter.
How do I test drive Liberatii Gateway?
Liberatii Gateway for Oracle Apps is available on Microsoft Azure marketplace for preview. During the two hour test, you are given access to Liberatii Gateway instance and a Azure SQL instance. By using he connection meta data and specifying Liberatii gateway as your Oracle datasource, You can then run sample Oracle app code from your machine.

You can then connect to the Azure SQL instance using Microsoft Azure Data Studio and see the real-time translation and the queries coming to the Azure SQL database.
How much does Liberatii Gateway cost?
You pay for the initial translator enhancement work and then a small monthly fee based on number of users, database/ application complexity direct to us or through your Cloud Service Provider.
How do I know which syntaxes are supported?
We will provide the list of all supported syntaxes with every software release.
Who does the work?
Our nominated partners or we will do the initial translator enhancement work. The on-going updates/maintenance can either be done by yourselves, after training, or our nominated partners.